Better employee service. Fewer resources. Lower costs. 

Empower Employees to Answer Their Own HR Questions 80-90% of the Time

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Personalized knowledgebase and single sign-on portal help employees – in two clicks or less – find their own answers to HR questions. If help is still needed, "Ask HR" feature allows employee to quickly send inquiry to integrated case management tool for CSR (customer service rep) response.

Achieve 90%+ First-Call Resolution

Pre-populated tickets – and CSR access to employee’s view of personalized, searchable knowledgebase – promote first-call resolution of majority of HR shared service center/HR call center/HR helpdesk inquiries.

Get CSRs Up to Speed Faster – Handle More Calls With Fewer Reps

AnswerSource™ Knowledgebase provides comprehensive content on policies, benefits and more – CSRs don’t have to learn “from scratch." Fast access to accurate answers means higher call volume per rep.

Reach Key Performance Indicators in Just Months

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AnswerSource HR Shared Services combines an HR-specific portal, knowledgebase and case management tool – with comprehensive dashboard analytics – for an end-to-end HR service delivery solution. Enwisen™ customers typically reach KPIs in months – and dramatically cut annual cost per employee for HR services.

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Gartner’s October 2008 report "Leverage a Multitier HR Service Delivery Model to Improve Efficiency" says the multitier approach can save employers 20-50%, per employee, on
HR service costs.


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Pepco’s HR Shared Service Center Story


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Level 3 Communications

  • 6 CSRs for 6,000+ employees.
  • 10K-14K hits per month on portal.
  • Average speed for CSR to find answer: 13.5 seconds.
  • 93% first-call resolution.


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