HR Portal Success Story:
Mohegan Sun Casino’s Jackpot

Mohegan Sun, the second largest casino in America, is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mohegan’s 8,500+ employees provide round-the-clock customer service for over 10 million visitors annually. Yet this level of 24 x 7 high-touch customer service operation creates a challenge: how do you provide high-touch HR support for employees in a 24 x 7 operation without comparable high costs? 

The answer: high-touch through high-tech, thanks to the introduction of a customized, SaaS-based HR portal.  Mohegan Sun now enables and empowers their employees to manage their own human resource-related information and decisions while streamlining and improving their own operational logistics. 

As Mohegan Sun happily learned, a human resources portal can be within the reach of any employer, without adding headcount, made possible through new, enabling HR technology – most notably SaaS. 

What’s Changed with the New HR Portal?

Mohegan’s previous HR service delivery technology was only available from within the corporate firewall, which meant that employees needed to physically come to a work location to see if they were scheduled to work or call during traditional work hours to get routine HR benefits and payroll questions answered. And most HR issues were managed by manual forms, which meant tedious data reentry and potential for errors, either the wrong form being used or in the data itself. 

The company needed a better solution, simply put they needed to have HR accessible anytime, anywhere via a system that would eliminate tedious HR paperwork and provide information on demand to employees. And they needed that information in languages that employees speak like Chinese and Portuguese. 

Because of these challenges Mohegan Sun made the inspired choice to create a new Software-as-a-service based (SaaS) HR portal so that both staff members and employees could be more productive. 

Mohegan’s employees range from 18 to 93 years of age, presenting a widely diverse set of technology challenges. But as the new SaaS HR portal was integrated into the daily work life, even the least computer savvy employees have acclimated well to the new system, which they can access from work or home via the Internet. And when employees do need help, HR staff members find the features and simple navigation easy to explain. 

The new system truly is self-service; employees can view their personal data, make changes, and understand their benefits. It has also freed up staff to actually be true HR professionals. 

Life events is one of the features Mohegan likes most about the portal. When an employee gets married or has a child the portal walks them through beneficiary or dependent changes. Explanation of taxes and other considerations have made life events changes more comprehensive and much more real. Alternative choices can be compared with “what if” scenarios. 

One member of the Mohegan HR team summed up their experience this way:

“The idea of choosing and implementing the HR portal pulled all of the human resources department together, it gave everyone one resource to go to for information. Everyone embraced the human resources portal, it really did pull us together as an HR organization.”

Once the new system was in place, employees had all the information conveniently available to make better decisions about their benefits. One important result was that many employees chose the CDHD health care program, a choice that was both advantageous to both employees AND to the company. 

Better still – Mohegan’s HR portal provides a great reporting feature that shows which content is accessed most and at what time of the day. 

Making the New Human Resources Portal Work

Management took the time to ensure that employees heard about and understood the system, by advertising in their newsletter and on kiosk for two weeks ahead of implementation. 

Communications were offered in multiple languages around the clock to reach out to employees working all schedules. 

To encourage involvement, management ran a scavenger hunt contest with prizes for employees who successfully worked with the portal. 

Mohegan’s Bottom Line

The major benefit of Mohegan’s HR portal is that employees can now access all information and forms an intuitive way. Because of the portal's remarkable reporting capabilities, HR's workload and frustration have been minimized. No matter when they work, even in the middle of the night, employees can access their work shift information and benefits. 

The workers are delighted with the new 24 x 7 access. In short the HR portal automates human resources information collection and dispersal and provides excellent service to employees to improve notification. Quite a step forward for Mohegan Sun.


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